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changes. >>> we begin with the budget deal that wasn't. the president and congressional leaders failed to hammer out a deal that resulted in $85 billion in budget cuts. the first slashes, military spending and furloughs. that's just the beginning. reena ninan has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: senior administration officials saying there was nothing new. no negotiations. sequestration was supposed to force congressional leaders into acting on reducing the budget. that didn't happen. it's official. overnight, president obama signing orders to start $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts. >> it's just dumb. and it's going to hurt. it's going to hurt individual people. and it's going to hurt the economy overall. >> reporter: this white house press conference would have been framed as another dustup as between the president and his opponents. >> the fact they don't take it means i should somehow do a jedi mind meld with these folks and convince them to do what's right. >> for those that didn't catch it, the president seemed to confuse "star trek's" vulcan mind meld wi
and a changing time, this ancient belief, ancient faith and the changing world. >> we heard josh allude to it in his report, diane. there are many issues facing the church. how do the cardinals come together? is there a sense they're divided or united right now? >> reporter: well, you keep hearing over and over again from cardinals i've talked to and also from others that the biggest question is do you have a charismatic, global pope, or do you rededicate to the intellectual core of the faith alone? and, you know, we saw the picture this morning of the american cardinals leaving with their bags packed to go into the conclave. and they really have, as josh said, reminded everyone of the vitality and what it is to travel among the people and to create joy as well as a sense of possibility for this church. >> we see cardinal dolan always with a big smile that he has. diane, great to see you in. we'll be seeing much more of you because diane will anchor a special report from the vatican this morning when the conclave is scheduled to begin. it starts at 11:30 a.m. eastern and diane will have
who's saying the party needs to change. you got marco rubio saying something very different. but the one person who wasn't there in that straw poll, who we might see going ahead, is jeb bush, he was not included in that. you had rand paul at the top, you had marco rubio second and everybody else way, way down the line. we'll talk about this morning. of course, that's 2016. we'll talk about this week as well. >> how much the filibuster impacted that. >> that's exactly right, dan. that filibuster with rand paul did influence the vote. >> you interviewed speaker of the house john boehner for the show. is the president's charm offensive is working? >> i didn't get the sense from john boehner that it's working. the so-called charm offensive, he doesn't seem particularly charmed. we'll ask our roundtable about that. very curious to see what they think. >> what if anything can heal this relationship? martha, thank you. great to see you. join martha later this morning on "this week." her special guest will be house speaker john boehner. >>> an update on a story we told you, girl sco
this morning, there's a new report on climate change. that is heating up discussion of the issue. scientists confirm that global temperatures are the warmest they have been in some 4,000 years. and although climate change is natural, they say such rapid warming is a threat because we don't have much time to adapt to it, as we have in the past. >>> and in miami, the mayor's apologized to an 82-year-old woman seen here being forced off a commuter train because she was singing. the security guard, you can see here, dragged emma anderson through an open door. she eventually fell on the platform. the transit official defended the move, though, saying that anderson didn't have a permit to sing and was disturbing riders. her family plans to sue. >>> take a look at why a school bus driver near orlando has been suspended. caught not once, but twice, texting while driving. even at one point, taking both hands off the wheel to send a text. he was involved in a minor accident the other time. no word yet if he'll, in fact, lose his job. >>> and finally, a true american classic is getting makeover. ♪ so
as things have been for all of the children involved in this case, they can all change their lives for the better. >> reporter: advice that the victim's mother hopes will resonate. >> human compassion is not taught by a teacher, a coach, or a parent. it's a god-given gift instilled in all of us. i have pity for you both. i hope you fear the lord, repent for your actions, and pray hard for his forgiveness. >> reporter: the defendants will get credit for time served. mays must serve at least two years. richmond was convicted of rape and must serve at least a year. but both could be held until they're 21. >> thank you, alex. >>> for more, let's bring in dan abrams. you heard from the sentencing from alex. where do we go from here? >> mays has to serve a minimum of two years in a juvenile facility. richmond, a minimum of one year. i point out the minimum, because they both could serve up to the time that they're 21 years old. that's just part of it. both have to register as sex offenders. the remaining question is how long? could it be for the rest of their lives? that's yet to be dete
racketeering and false statements. all accused of giving students the answers or even changing them on standardized tests over the course of a decade. >>> and the woman at the center of the prostitution scandal that shook up the small main town of kennebunk has reached a plea deal. sum ba instructor alexis wright after pleading guilty on 20 counts including prostitution and tax evasion. the deal, though, spares her and her clients from a high-profile trial. her sentencing has been set for may 31st. >>> and finally, a shocking discovery outside of seattle. some 35,000 pieces of undelivered mail are believed to be buried here. the burial ground was just discovered three years after the disgraced mailman responsible for it was fired for burning mail. he was sentenced then to community service and probation and admitted to simply being lazy. >> how many people saying, see, i told you the check was in the mail? >> yeah, no kidding. >> seems like it would be a lot of work to dig a hole and bury all that mail and burn it. he might as well as delivered it. >> or get an easier job. >> someth
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not changed. >> well then why is the supreme court saying there should be a retrial? >> they're not exactly saying that. they're sending it back for revision and review. she still remains not guilty. nothing has changed. there never was any evidence of her guilt and there never will be any evidence of her guilt. so all this is is sending back for revision and we have to wait for the specific directives from the supreme court as to the basis of their ruling. >> so what is next for amanda? will she return to italy for the trial? >> and let's be clear about that too. both amanda and the family have always abided by all rules and regulations and the rule of law. and in this particular case to the extent it's being sent back for revision, her appearance is not required. so we're many, many, you know -- there's a great deal of time that will elapse. this case will continue to be fought. she remains strong and vigilant and one thing we can say about amanda and her family they have showed an unquestioned resilience and fortitude and courage in the face of these absolutely unjustified allegations. t
at what's left reminds them how quickly a life can change. and end. >> jeff laid his head down on his pillow to go to sleep. and he never got out of bed. >> reporter: crews will finish that demolition today. what happens next we just don't know because they're going to get that first real look at that sinkhole. robin? >> okay, gio, thank you very much. >> sad story. >> but, george, you had an interesting sunday. >> surreal is another word. we have a followup now to my interview with dennis rodman. on "this week" yesterday, i pressed for details on the meeting with kim jong-un. no american has spent more time with the new dictator than rodman. he came back with a message for president obama. let's go to jon karl at the white house for the e reaction. >> reporter: good morning, george. the white house is not too impressed with rodman's trip to north korea nor what he had to say about it. they say they won't be acting on the message he brought back for the president. >> i sat with him for two days. he asked me to give obama -- say and do one thing. he wants obama to do one thing, call hi
the people washing their feet so this must be a change. you may remember that last night he told those crowds packed in st. peter's square just after his announcement that he intended to pray to the virgin mary that she may watch over all of rome and pope francis told the cardinals that he plans to call on retired pope benedict in the next few days. >> something else we've never seen before. >> never seen that. >> coming up, pope francis signals a new start in so many ways. we'll speak with cardinal dolan of new york and start out with josh in vatican city. good morning, josh. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. and what a night, what history to have seen here as the world still reacts to the selection of pope francis as history's 266th supreme pontiff. actually check out this headline from an italian newspaper "la sorpresa di francesca." the surprise of francis. . judging from the reaction of the thousands massed here in the square. it was a surprise met by euphoria as the church enters a new era now with a new man to lead it. this morning, as the world awoke, pope francis made a priva
, spending time with her sisters and her boyfriend. but all of that could change starting tomorrow. the italian supreme court will hold the final hearing in her almost six-year case. justice will decide whether a lower court were okay in overturning her conviction. just 18 months ago. >> why they were so sure i was the one who knew everything. >> both defendants have been acquitted by the charges. >> she's already endured three or four years in an italian prison, this murder charge continues to hang over her head. >> reporter: after the release of her knox and her former italian boyfriend raf fail sool soolecitto. >> the knox family said that it's not worried about monday's hearing. another example of harassment by the prosecution. >> peace of mind will occur if she wins on monday. then, the case is truly over. if she loses, the saga continues. >> reporter: if she wins, she'll never be tried again. if she loses, their case goes right back to court. this morning, knox's lawyers says that she's anxiously awaiting the verdict. knox has spent the last year writing her memoir. after tak
attendants complain there is an irony in this change by tsa. while the small pocket knifes will be allowed, box cutters like the ones used to hijack the planes on 9/11 are still banned. they cannot be carried on to a plane. george? >> thank goodness for that. thanks very much. >>> to politics now and the anatomy of a smear. for weeks the powerful chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, robert menendez, has been denying reports that he paid women for sex in the dominican republic and now one of the women said she was paid to lie about the senator. abc's brian ross is here with all the details on the story that wasn't. good morning, brian. >> good morning, george. that's true. american politics as you know knows few limits and both parties have played their share of dirty tricks. in the case of menendez he appears to be the victim of a very dirty trick involving sex, lies and videotape. here's how it happened. as menendez campaigned for re-election last year, republican operatives secretly went into overdrive to implicate him in a sex scandal. is that the same person you had sex
bush. >> the mission has changed because we can no longer sustain a rescue effort. the site is entirely unstable. >> reporter: he is now buried 100 feet underground devastating his family. >> he didn't deserve to go like this. >> reporter: bush's brother jeremy had tried to save him when the floor suddenly gave way. >> i'm so sorry that they can't get him out of the hole and that's the last place he's going to be. >> reporter: family and friends did the best they could saying good-bye bringing flowers to bush's final pressing place. >> i tried. i tried my hardest. i tried my very hardest. >> reporter: so now the house with the sinkhole behind me that will be demolished this morning. as you heard it is entirely unstable. what happens next well, it's too early to tell. >> so much uncertainty for people in that neighborhood. thanks for your reporting. >>> now to the vatican tomorrow cardinals from all over the world will start meeting and officially start the process of finding a successor to pope benedict. we're expecting the cardinals to perhaps set a date for the conclave, that ancient
of abc's "this week" for answers. good morning. so, george, what do you make of the change in strategy on the president's part going from not communicating with republican leaders at all to wining and dining them. >> we'll see. it'll take some time motivated by two thing, the outside game at least in the short term wasn't working for the president. trying to raise all these alarms about the sequester but it didn't seem to be taking hold because people haven't felt it yet and number two now that the sequester actually has kicked in, there's no other option but to try to build these relationships and see what can come of it but right now you have the republican leadership and the president at odds over the issue of whether taxes can be part of any grand bargain. that could possibly only change as we get through the summer, as we see the effects of these spending kits and as they approach the next big dead open line. always a deadline or cliff coming. this one is over the debt limit again, the nation runs out of its borrowing authorities sometime in summer. that could be the forcing mecha
, what i wanted to be. he was already 37. in some ways, he knew that i was still growing and changing. i didn't want to hear it from him. >> reporter: but love lost, to lost lasting. she says she's found true happiness with her husband of 15 years, restauranteur rande gerber. >> my goal is life is not to be happy every day. to me, that's fake. my goal is life so sto be present. >> now, it was a lot of hard stuff. there were light hearted moments. in one of them, she spoke agent her role in the movie, "fair game. xwts she admits act not her strong suit. she's a beautiful woman. acting, not so much. >> she has plenty of strengths. thank you. >>> now to the laits from valerie harper. last week, the devastating diagnosis. we're learning more each day from her how to confront the biggest moments of life with bravery and love. >> i don't know why i'm putting it many my mouth. i should apply to it my hips. >> reporter: for years, on two unforgettable '70s sitcoms, the perfect friend, a strong woman, truthful and funny. >> i came to minneapolis because of cold. i figured if i was frozen, i would
leather shoes that his predecessor wore. those who know him say he is unlikely to change to those red shoes, plain black shoes, elizabeth, will do for him. >> all right, no surprise there. thank you very much, ron. >> we got a different story. that sexual assault trial in ohio where two high school football players have been charged for what they did to a 16-year-old girl who was too drunk to know what was going on. text, tweets and video were at the center of the testimony and alex perez is covering it from steubenville. good morning, alex. >> reporter: well, good morning, george. this case ignited a firestorm on social media across the country. prosecutors say the 16-year-old girl was too drunk to give consent. evidence presented in court showed she didn't even learn what allegedly happened to her until the following due through text messages. in court thursday, attorneys sparred through nearly 12 hours of testimony. according to text messages admitted as evidence it wasn't until the day after the incident that the 16-year-old girl learned she had allegedly been sexually assaulted.
. she helps families with life transitions with all of that cash. >> it's about learning how to change much more than managing the money. >> lot of expectations from friends and relatives. some families feel like we won the lottery, when it's really you won the lottery. >> reporter: one relative who may be calling, uncle sam. with sequester cuts forcing the white house to shave 74 grand a week out of its budget by shutting its doors to school tours. a cool 338 million could keep kids cruising those halls for 4,567 weeks. meanwhile, others have dreams a little closer to home. and if you win -- >> oh, i'll buy me a big ole house. >> reporter: that's right, guys. a new home doesn't sound like a bad idea. of course, the big question is, which store in new jersey sold the winning ticket? we don't know that just yet. we expect to get a few details on monday when lottery officials hold a press conference. just a real quick point of personal privilege. someone who was raised in southern new jersey. i want to take a second out to say to my friends and families, who may have gotten that winning
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, if your dentist isn't wearing gloves or changing them between patients, find another dentist. >> he should do that in front of me. >> definitely. you should see that they're putting on fresh gloves, definitely. >> and pay attention to the instruments. rich, thanks so much. disturbing news. we'll keep on top of it. >>> to josh elliott for the other top stories developing this morning. >> we want to begin with the very latest now on nelson mandela, the former south african president and human rights champion remains in the hospital this morning. officials in that country are asking the world to pray for the 94-year-old mandela. and abc's bazi kanani is in pretoria right now, and what can you tell us about his condition? >> reporter: good morning, josh. government officials tell us nelson mandela is in good spirits this morning and making good progress. he was last seen cradling his great grandson in this photo his family released last month. he is now 94 years old and concern is growing about his health. in just the last four months he has been hospitalized three times now. south africa's pr
. and when that witness is an admitted killer with an ever-changing story, well, it turns out they have an awful lot of questions. >> miss arias, you are still under oath. do you understand? >> yes. >> reporter: she's spent 16 days on the stand in her capital murder trial. but of all the questions she's faced, these may matter most. >> while you were mad at travis while you were stabbing with him? why didn't you call 911? >> reporter: wednesday the judge read the questions from the jurors who hold arias' life in their hands. >> did you ever see a doctor for your memory issues? have you ever taken medication for your memory issue? >> reporter: the jury kept asking the 32-year-old about her claim she can't remember repeatedly stabbing her ex-boyfriend travis alexander in the bathroom of his mesa, arizona, home. >> how is it that you remember so many of your sexual encounters including your ex-boyfriend's, but you do not remember stabbing travis and dragging his body? >> well, as far as what happened on june 4th, i don't know how the mind works necessarily, but i know that that was the mos
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. the only thing that's changed since four years too, hard-partying 20-something was the spectacle that still follows her. after nearly two years in hiding, she might have expected this question -- >> did you get away with murder? >> reporter: and the angry chaos following her. >> baby killer! >> reporter: this first public appearance since july 5, 2011, the day the jury acquitted her of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. she was shoved back into the spot light. this time, a bankruptcy hearing. >> i don't pay rent. i don't pay utilities. though i'm -- i guess you could say i'm living for free or off the kindness of the people i'm staying with. >> reporter: she's now unemployed, has less than $50 in cash to her name, no car, and relies on unknown ben factors. >> they're unsolicited things from people i don't know. >> reporter: she field for bankruptcy in january with $1,000 in assets and $800,000 in liabilities. including $500,000 to her former defense toerm. >> i try to contribute. >> reporter: another detractor, zenada gonzalez. anthony told police that someone with the same name kid
people are looking for continuity. a lot of people looking for change and so there are real differences of views inside those rooms. >> and that could be leading to why we're waiting for the fourth vote later today. okay, cokie, thank you very much. appreciate you joining us and diane sawyer is leading our abc news team coverage of the papal conclave with josh there in st. peter's square. we'll bring you all the latest from vatican city as it happens. >>> but now to my exclusive interview with president obama. we sat down yesterday afternoon. a packed day filled with news on the pope, north korea and cyberattacks and with the president just back from a budget meeting on capitol hill i began by asking how he would overcome republican opposition to the new taxes by going around gop leaders or rolling right over them. >> i don't think it's to break or go around them. i think it is to identify what i call the commonsense caucus, which says we can do sensible deficit reduction with a combination of entitlement reform, some judicious spending cuts, closing some tax loopholes that nobody reall
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no change but those who refuse will pay an extra $50 a month for health insurance. >> it's technology-enhanced discrimination on steroids. >> reporter: the critics are having a field day calling this coercion and worrying that cvs and any other company might start firing sick workers. >> the approach they're taking is based on the assumption that somehow these people need a whip. they need to be penalized in order to make themselves healthy. >> reporter: the company says this is voluntary and it never sees the test results. in an e-mail overnight they explained that their benefits program is evolving, to help our colleagues take more responsibility for improving their health and managing health-associated costs. >> the goal of these kinds of programs is to end up with a healthier workforce. if your employees are healthy, they're going to work better and they're going to cost the employer a lot less money. >> reporter: cvs points out it's not alone and on the internet we found them. is my company's wellness program legal? the plan is called voluntary but it seems anything but. brad set
could target them to go after all different kinds of cancers. so the theory is maybe you would change them to go after prostate cancer or breast cancer. you know, it's an endless approach. this study was a safety study so they need to go forward, do it in more people and figure out how do you tame the reaction? it's basically creating a battle in someone's body, their own cells against the cancer cells to see who wins. >> at one point could this be in lieu of having a bone marrow transplant? >> i talked to the researchers who did this study and that's what they're thinking. you know, they didn't want to go that way here. this is the first round. it's just looking at safety but the idea is, you know, if this wipes out all of the cancer cells why would you need to move forward and do a bone marrow transplant. emma did not but here for adults with this cancer only 40% survival rate, here this is an idea you might be able to treat and cure people with this disease. >> this is so encouraging, so promising. nice to see you, rich. thanks so much. josh. >> extraordinary news, robin. >>> now t
that would look good on you. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >>> let's change the subject and tell you what is coming up on the broadcast. thank you, ladies, we appreciate that. we're going talk about ashley judd and her new role. is the hollywood actress ready to make a run for politics? why this race would be epic. >> you had time to share with her a few months ago. >>> and the "modern family" drama. after claims of abuse, the young star of the hit sitcom talks for the first time about living a more normal life now that she's living away from her mother. >>> and sarah jessica parker was once known for her designer shoes on "sex and the city." find out why her love affair with heels may be over. ♪ girls run the world start with the best. use only natural ingredients. make something original. genuine. real. so peel it open. stir it up. and raise a cup to the real. >>> ooh. hello, lover. >> ah, sarah jessica parker made some of the biggest designers in high fashion and high heels household names on "sex and the city." while her character may have been addicted to shoes, parker says she's k
the caped crusader. the actor is no stranger to changing his appearance for a role but he's usually dropping pounds like he did for "the fire," another movie directed by russell shedding 30 pounds for that part. >> he's a great actor. >> he does a great combover too. >> that's one fierce combover. >> right. >> what was that? >> that was cray. >> that was cray. >> let's hope britney spears has better luck with dating than perhaps our fellow partner in crime here. the 31-year-old, mom of two, was snapped leaving an l.a. mall hand in hand with her rumored new boyfriend, david lucado. she was first spotted with the 27-year-old law office associate on valentine's day. now, this comes just months after breaking off her relationship with boyfriend of three years and co-conservator jason trawick. seems happy. >>> if you thought high school students who sent out that youtube video to kate upton, if you think that was impressive, he may have been outdone by a dog. actually a golden doodle named ramona proposing marriage to first dog bo in a video that's since gone viral. among her dreams of becoming t
of composure in her testimony. seemingly, as you said, almost robotic at times. but it all changed. >> at the right time. right? i mean, she's crying at the right time. she continues to follow a script. she continues to be, in my view, a good witness, with horrible facts. so, she's getting really upset when they're showing her photos of his dead body. she's getting really upset when they're talking about how she killed him. but i say, this is the right time for the prosecutor to be aggressive. i've been critical of the prosecutor for being overly aggressive early in the cross-examination. this is the time for the prosecutor to be aggressive. i would have liked this to have popped a little more, from his perspective, rather than fighting with her over some of the details he was fighting with her about earlier in the case. this is that moment. this is the courtroom moment. >> has he established motive? >> the prosecution has enormous evidence in this case. the problem is, the last thing you want is one or two jurors maybe feeling sorry for her. and as a result, possibly pushing for a
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will have a nice not only saturday, but the weekend before we introduce some changes our way and they include more clouds, maybe some rain. we will see. we will talk about it a little later. >> thank you. >> breaking news in san francisco. list are on the scene at a shooting at a nightclub. kira klapper is live at rich and townsend street. kira, how many people are hurt? >> as far as we know right now, three men were hurt. one is in critical condition, the a two are expected to be okay. they were shot and taken to the hospital to be treated. we have video from right after the shooting. it appeared about 1:15 this morning as you mentioned at rich and townsend. 330 rich nightclub. a couple of blocks from at&t park. one victim, again, is in critical condition, but the other two victims are experiencing nonlife-threatening injuries. witnesses here tell me it started as a big fight. shots in the air inside the club. pandemonium as people were trying to get out and then another round of screams and shots. the gun fight went into the parking lot. shots were fired into cars. at least
the country, thousands are taking to social media changing their profile pictures to express their support for same-sex marriage. this morning, the justices will take up another case, challenging the defense of marriage act which defines marriage under federal law as a ueen and edie windsor is 83 years old and this is her case. edie had 42 happy years with the love of her life, thea spire. >> we are gathered together today -- >> reporter: the two were married, but when thea died in 2009 edie got hit with almost $400,000 in federal estate taxes, a penalty she would not have had to pay if she were married to a man. if you could talk to the supreme court as they consider this case, what would you tell them? >> it's a marriage that anybody would want, okay, gay or straight. we wonde >> reporter: eddie windsor in court today. now, none of the justices as far as we know have twitter or instagram accounts. this is a 21st century social media revolution. and you can see it. check out beyonce's instagram account. she posted a photograph of a note that she apparently herself wrote. it reads simply i
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